IFJ condemns Attack of Luviana

Media Release: Indonesia
January 17, 2013

Mobil komando aksi dirusak. Tak hormati kebebasan berekspresi.
Mobil komando aksi dirusak. Tak hormati kebebasan berekspresi.

IFJ condemns Attack of Luviana Ariyanti by member of National Democratic Party (Nasdem)

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins its affiliate the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) in strongly condemning the violence committed by members of the National Democratic Party (Nasdem) against former Metro TV journalist, Luviana Ariyanti and supporters during a protest outside the Nasdem office on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

Ariyanti, a member of The Alliance of Independent Journalist Jakarta, protested about disparities in the awarding of staff bonuses at Metro TV. She intended to form a union to improve internal procedures, including the enactment of an objective assessment scheme and improvements in the protection of workers’ and women’s rights. The management considered this move a direct threat to their authority and fired Luviana in January 2012.

Sekjen udah bareng Luvi
Luviana (tengah, merah) didampingi Sekjen AJI Suwarjono (putih). Melawan kesewenang-wenangan.

Luviana Ariyanti, together with supporters, went to the Nasdem office in Central Jakarta to submit a letter of recommendation from the National Human Right Commission and National Women Commission to Surya Paloh, owner of Metro TV and founder of the Nasdem Party.

Jojo Raharjo, the Coordinator of unions division of AJI, said that the solidarity action was an effort to demand justice and compensation for the dismissal of Ariyanti by the management of Metro TV in early 2012.

Nasdem party members brutally attacked Luviana and her supporters and destroyed a vehicle. Nasdem party members prevented journalists from taking pictures of the rally.

Spanduk rapi menentang aksi. Bukti serangan sudah direncanakan?
Spanduk rapi menentang aksi. Bukti serangan sudah direncanakan?

The IFJ joins AJI in condemning the acts of violence and demand that the Government hold the leader of the Nasdem party responsible for the attack. We also urge the management of Metro TV to treat their staff in a fair and just manner in accordance with employment law.

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